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At the Archer Law Firm We Can Help You With Your Estate Planning.

  • Probate – A legal proceeding which grants authority to an executor/personal representative to administer a deceased person’s estate. A person named as Executor in a Will does not have authority to administer the estate until he/she is granted that authority by the court.
  • Power of Attorney – A document which grants legal authority to your agent to act on your behalf. Power of Attorneys can be general or for a specific purpose. The authority granted in the Power of Attorney ceases upon death.
  • Living Wills – A legal document in which you set out your wishes for your end of life medical care.
  • Living Trust – A legal document which places ownership and control for your property into a trust during your life. Upon your death, the trustee will distribute your property as you have set out in the Living Trust. The trustee does not need to seek authorization from the Court to carry out your wishes.
  • Wills – A legal document that sets out how you wish your property to be distributed upon your.  There are specific technical requirements for a will to be enforceable.