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At the Archer Law Firm We Offer the Following Divorce Services:

  • Contested Divorce –  A contested divorce becomes necessary when spouses cannot agree on property division, child support, child visitation, alimony, or any other issue arising from the divorce. One spouse may not even agree that a divorce should be granted. Contested divorce is often emotionally and financially draining. 
  • Uncontested Divorce – Uncontested divorce is often called a no fault divorce and does not require you to go to court. Your attorney will file and present your agreement to the court. 
  • ONLINE DIVORCE – This is an option available for uncontested divorces
    • We Prepare Your Court Documents.
    • We have an Attorney File Your Documents with the Court.
    • We then Mail Your Divorce Decree To You!
    • Visit Our Online Divorce Website for More Info:
  • Child Support – Child support is calculated using the Child Support Calculator.  Information used to calculate child support includes the following:
    • Each parent’s income
    • Number of days the child spends with each parent
    • Cost of the child’s health insurance
    • Other children supported by a parent
  • Visitation – Unless the Court finds that visitation is likely to endanger the child’s physical or emotional health, visitation will be granted.
  • Adoption – The social and legal process of establishing by court order, other than by paternity or legitimation proceedings or by voluntary acknowledgment of paternity, the legal relationship of parent and child.
  • Conservatorship – A proceeding in which a court removes the decision-making powers and duties, in whole or in part, in a least restrictive manner, from a person with a disability who lacks capacity to make decisions in one or more important areas and places responsibility for one or more of those decisions in a conservator or co-conservators.
  • Guardianship – Guardian” or “co-guardian” means a person or persons appointed by the court to provide partial or full supervision, protection and assistance of the person or property, or both, of a minor.
  • Post Divorce Modification – Upon a “material change in circumstances” you may petition the Court to modify visitation, child support or other orders.