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At the Archer Law Firm We Can Help You With Your Real Estate Including:

  • Heir Property – Land that is jointly owned by the heirs of the record owner who is deceased. Heir property has not gone through Probate and the deed to the land still shows the deceased person as owner.  The heirs have the right to use the property but do not have clear title.  As time passes heirs of the record owner may die and create more heirs.  Partition and Quiet Title are used to provide clean title to the land.
  • Partition – The division of jointly owned land.  The division may be by sale, agreement or in kind (dividing the land into separate parcels).
  • Quiet Title – A court action to declare the owners and ownership percentages of heir property.
  • Property Transfers – Deed preparation.
  • Boundary Disputes – The Chancery Court hears cases when property lines are disputed.